Everything Your Business Needs At One Location.

A Full Service Lease is exactly how it sounds - FULL SERVICE! Many places ask what services you're going to need, use or want, all of which come at additional added costs to your monthly rent bill. But not here! We don't add on additional fees causing your rent to be unexpectedly higher than what was offered. We remove the guess work and provide everything you're going to need while operating your business:

  • All Utilities Paid - Water, Electric, HVAC and CAM  (not communications)
  • Janitorial Service - Vacuuming, waste removal, light bulbs and more
  • Recycling - We provide this as an added benefit to the Environment
  • Document Destruction - Your business stays confidential

That only marks the beginning. On top of the many Services that are included at the property as a part of your tenancy, there are also many Benefits naturally included as a result - these alone can automatically bring much added value to your personal and business success:

  • LOCATION - We're in Anderson on Beechmont Avenue near I-275
    • Down Town Cincinnati, Kentucky,  and I-71 are very close by
  • On-site Management and Maintenance - Problems are solved immediately
  • Wheel Chair Accessible - Handicap parking, restroom, and elevator provided
  • 24 Hour Access - Issues arise and you need immediate access
  • Many Supporting Businesses - Lawyers, Accountants, Insurers and more
  • Public Restrooms - Cleaned, stocked and ready for use
  • Front Road Signage - Visibility is free
  • Parking - Plenty of spots for your clients and guests

One Lease. One Payment. Endless Services and Benefits. Your business deserves what's best for it and so do you! Call our Professional Management today.

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